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Manning Building Supplies - Commercial Door and Hardware Division

We supply hollow metal doors, hollow metal frames, wood doors and commercial door hardware for new and existing commercial buildings. All of our hollow metal and wood doors are available fire rated. All of our door hardware is commercial grade. Commercial doors, frames, and door hardware is all we do in the Commercial Door and Hardware Division at MBS so you can be sure we have the right answers for you.

You can find complete details regarding our hollow metal doors, commercial wood doors, and hollow metal frames including detailed specifications, door cores, fire ratings, and hurricane wind load testing by going to the Doors or Frames pages. You'll also find information on galvanizing, classification (level and model), frame anchors, rough opening sizes, welded versus knockdown hollow metal frames, frame profiles, and jamb depths there along with some helpful tips and door handing.

The Hardware page has several different categories. Each section starts off with a "general information" page which goes into detail regarding that specific hardware item in general. More information on that product can then be viewed by clicking the different choices. You can also see a graphic of all the different hardware finishes available from that page.

We are located on the east coast of South Florida which makes us ideal for export work as well. We supply to the entire United States, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. You can see some export jobs completed in the past by clicking on "About Us" above. We will deliver your material in our trucks to the Port of Palm Beach (or any other port you prefer), give it to the freight forwarder of your choice, and provide the Bill of Lading. The Port of Palm Beach is one of the busiest container ports in Florida.

You will find a Power Point presentation, installation instructions, a hinge location sheet showing the main manufacturers locations, and some handy forms on the Downloads page. You can use the Quotes page to list items from your take off and we will price it out for you...just click on the drop down boxes and choose the item(s) you need. This web site has been here since 1995 and provides you with a lot of information. We cover every subject in detail and you will find it useful and informative.

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