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Door Panic Devices

There are basically four types of exit devices no matter which manufacturer you use. They are rim, surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod, and mortise. Each type of device has many different "trim" options. The trim is what goes on the outside of the door so you can get into the door from the outside if this is the type of application you require. This trim can vary from a simple pull plate with a cylinder in the middle, a keyed lever or knob so it looks just like a door with a regular lock from the outside, or levers (or knobs) with separate cylinders and escutcheon plates. Some doors with exit devices are "exit only" which means, like it says, that the door is used as an exit only and there is no way to get into the door from the outside.

Rim Device: This type is used on single doors or pairs of doors that have a vertical mullion (either removable or fixed) in between the doors. The strike plate is surface mounted on the frame (or mullion). It can also be used on the active door of a pair with a double door strike mounted on the inactive door.

rim exit panic device

Surface Vertical Rod (SVR) Device: This is mostly used on pairs of doors but can be used on single doors for extra security. There are top and bottom rods that go from the device to the top of the frame and to the floor. When you push the device, the rods retract releasing the rod ends from their locked position. The rods are surface mounted to the face of the door so they are exposed and can be seen from the inside of the door.

surface vertical rod exit panic device

Concealed Vertical Rod (CVR) Device: This is the same as the surface vertical rod except that the rods are inside the door so they are concealed. This is used for appearance and/or when there are applications where the surface vertical rods could get damaged such as a place where people are pushing carts or other objects through the door. These devices require a good deal of prep work to the doors so they tend to be expensive as a package. They also can be difficult to install correctly if you are not familiar with this type of device installation.

concealed vertical rod exit panic device

Mortise Device: This consists of a mortise lock body just like a mortise lock that mounts into the edge of the door. The face of the door is drilled for holes in the proper locations for mounting the device and any outside trim that is required. These holes will vary depending on the function of the device. These are heavy duty devices and usually used where they will get a lot of use or where high security is needed. The strike is mounted in the rabbet of the frame just like a mortise lock.

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