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Rim Exit Devices

Rim Device: This type is used on single doors or pairs of doors that have a vertical mullion (either removable or fixed) in between the doors. The strike plate is surface mounted on the frame (or mullion). It can also be used on the active door of a pair with a double door strike mounted on the inactive door.

Shown below is a single door with a standard rim panic device with the strike plate to catch the latch mounted on the frame.

rim panic exit device

This shows standard rim panic devices mounted on both doors of a pair with a vertical mullion in the middle.

rim panic exit device

This one shows a standard rim panic device on one of the doors of a pair with a surface vertical rod device on the other door. There is no frame or mullion to mount the strike plate to so a double door strike is mounted on the door with the vertical rod assembly. This door is held in place by these rods allowing the other door to lock into it the same as if it were a single door latching into the frame.

rim and surface vertical rod 

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