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Most commercial wood doors will be either 1 3/8" or 1 3/4" thick and can be solid core or hollow core. If you are installing the door into a hollow metal frame, it will almost always be 1 3/4" thick while the 1 3/8" door is usually used in prehung units which consist of the door already installed in the wood frame with the hinges. It will be prepped for a lock which will be installed on the jobsite. Prehungs with 1 3/4" thick doors are very common in commercial applications.

Hollow core wood doors are obviously never used at exterior openings and are usually used at interior residential although they are also sometimes used on commercial buildings because of their low price. The majority of prehung units we have supplied over the years have been solid core since we deal in commercial doors. If the door is going into a hollow metal frame, it will almost always be a solid core. This type of door is available in either stave or particle core. Particle core is the most common as it is less expensive than the stave core which is a solid lumber core door. There has been a lot of improvement with particle core doors and that is generally what is called for now when solid doors are needed.

Although wood doors are available in many types of veneers, the most common are oak, birch, hardboard, and medium density overlay (MDO). Oak is good if you are staining the door although birch is available in a stain grade and is less expensive. Oak doors usually are not painted as the grain will show through afterwards and if you are going to cover it up with paint, you might as well go with a cheaper veneer.

We keep a complete stock of wood doors in fire rated and non fire rated. We have these wood doors in stock machined to match our hollow metal frame hardware locations and we also have slab wood doors that we can machine to your specifications. We are fully equipped to machine these wood doors to whatever you may need.

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