News and Updates in 2019...Our 24th Year on the Internet!


4/14/19 - Upgrade Is Complete

We have completed the upgrade to the site. All pages are complete. Keep in mind it's a Secure site now, so the URL is now (same as before but with an "s" at the end of http). That means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted, so joining in at the Forum is completely protected. But it's also important to note that using the old web address (http without the "S" at the end) will only get you to the old site. 


3/20/19 - We Are Getting Closer

We have the new Forum completely done, up, and running. Pictures and graphics are much clearer and posting is very easy and straight forward. Most of the Web pages are done now. Another 3 weeks and we'll be good to go! All of the main pages are up. What's left is some of the sub-pages.

You'll still recognize us as some things are staying as they always have been. The gray Banner on top stays, but we've modified the Logo. Our "Question & Answer" door, frame, and hardware combo picture has become our "trademark" as we use it in several places, so it also stays. Everything else is new and the Home Page looks quite different. So please feel free to jump into the Forum...or just browse around. Lots of info is here, and we'll have the rest up soon. 


3/11/19 - We Are Close To Finishing Up An Entire Web Site Upgrade

We are in the process of a full upgrade to the site. The last full upgrade we performed was in 2011. Our old Forum was no longer functioning properly, our Search page was discombobulated, and the whole site just had an old, outdated look. So we are updating every page..not only in appearance, but the information as well. We have installed a new Forum and we're in the process of setting that up and transferring some posts over. We have a lot of the new pages updated and done...but we still have a bit more to go. We should be all set in another 3 - 4 weeks.

The old site was all HTML. We upgraded to PHP (the latest version which is 7.2 currently). There is still some HTML here, but most of this site is now PHP 7.2. It's more "stable" and we can do more things with it. The Forum will be all PHP. This site has been here since 1995, so it has gone through a few upgrades now. We'll be done soon!