KD DW Hollow Metal Frame Profile

This is the standard knockdown drywall (KD DW) jamb profile. This frame is meant to be installed as a 3 piece knockdown unit and is used on interior stud walls after the drywall is up. Notice the double backbends...in that the backbend returns back in to the frame. This is a standard feature on drywall hollow metal frames as it helps in sliding the frame over the drywall.

Some standard jamb depths for this type of frame are 5 5/8, 5 7/8, 7 1/8, & 8 1/4 but they are available from 4 3/4" to 9" in double rabbet and from 3 1/4" to 4 5/8" in single rabbet. All KD DW frames have a 1/2" backbend...so a 5 7/8 KD DW frame fits very nicely over a 4 7/8" wall.